How to Get Dressed: A Costume Designer's Secrets for Making Your Clothes Look, Fit, and Feel Amazing - Alison Freer

I cannot sum up how much I love this book in its practicality and snappy one-liners. More of the latter in the first half of the book and more of the former in the second half. If you are not concerned about dry cleaning hacks or suit tailoring, the second half of the book would be useless to you. I still recommend the first half though (ch 1 - Movie Magic: or, Why Movie Stars Look like Movie Stars, ch 2 - Fit: The True Enemy of Great Style, ch 3- Alter your Clothes, Alter your Life, ch 4: Be your Own Costume Designer being my favorites). I am personally putting this on my "To Buy a Hard Copy Of" list this year which is rare since I joined the Kindle society of readers.


One quote included from a reader in the personal style section that resonated with me after the past couple weeks:


"Austere Glam, Jackie, Fifty Years Old: Growing up in Sweden, I was exposed to lots of sleek, sharp, severe clothing design. It's what I've always worn, and it matches my no-nonsense personality perfectly. But upon moving to the States, I developed a serious obsession with 1970s glitter rock and all the glam it entails. I never seriously thought about the fact that I could express this in my personal style until I wrote it down on my list of things I love - and as a result, I've started working some luxe, metallic accessories into my everyday look. In the middle of a stressful day, those bright and shiny pieces remind me of who I am - and that there's more to life than whatever troubles I'm dealing with at the moment."