The Magnolia Story - Chip Gaines, Joanna Gaines

My parent has been bugging me to read this since it came out. In short, it is a written version of what seems to have been a long autobiographical interview with Chip and Joanna Gaines, the couple made famous for their reality design show Fixer Upper. I must admit that I am also a fan of the show so I was not exactly unfamiliar with their backstory to begin with. There were some cute anecdotes and overall it is a charming read, but it's not exactly requiring deep-thinking here.


The couple's courtship and their childhood backgrounds are covered. They talk a lot about how they built up their businesses before even beginning the TV show and how the ups and downs of those experiences made their family and marriage stronger. They are both faith-based individuals and a lot of (well-deserved, I feel) credit is given to God for getting them through some sticky times that they detail in the book. Although they each narrate their own histories, most of the remaining story is told by Jo. Their sections are differentiated by different fonts and line breaks.


Quick read, about 184 pages in the hardcover copy that I had. I would not necessarily pay full retail price for it unless you want a coffee table book, but it could be worth picking up if you are even passingly familiar with the couple and their show.