Manga Classics: Pride & Prejudice Softcover - Jane Austen

This is so pretty. It is in the Asian manga style, not strictly the Japanese manga style, so if that kind of art is not appealing to you, then you will hate this book. But otherwise it is very nicely drawn, focusing on the romantic themes in the panels with a lot of flower symbolism. It is not a strictly serious comic either with frequent appearances of chibi-Mrs. Bennett and chibi-Mr. Collins. I find it to be hilarious, but some other reviewers hated it.


The story is condensed from the novel version to make it more suitable for comic format, and some events are elided together or rearranged in order for the same reasons, but it is overall coherent and keeps the most important parts necessary to the story's ending. Compared to a standard manga volume, however, it is double the length. It does not have the epilogue that most modern readers may be used to seeing at the end of a copy of P&P. Also, I would say it is more inspired by the 2005 film version aesthetically than any other adaptation that I am aware of at present.


Manga Classics has more adaptations of Jane Austen novels and other literary classics available on their website. I am currently on the hunt for Sense and Sensibility and the Count of Monte Cristo. <3