Fool Moon - Jim Butcher

Well, this is not the cover on my edition. And it turns out my copy was one of the worse off survivors of the book auction debacle and I will probably chuck it because it is not in a fit state to be passed on. I'm not sure how it survived be read, actually.


This is the second book in the series and lightly covers the basic story of the first without actually summarizing it, and re-introduces a couple of the prominent secondary characters, Murphy (of the police) and Marcone (of the criminal underworld), betwixt whom Dresden tries to survive with varying degrees of success.


Given the obvious title, "werewolves" are involved with this book's plot. I do appreciate how Jim Butcher takes the "when things look bad for your protagonist, make them worse before they get better" approach to writing. It keeps the pages turning, although the chapter end-lines are sometimes... lacking in wit, one could say. They would perhaps flow better as longer chapter segments. The first person narrative style grates, at times, particularly since I can't relate to the male POV, but the author regularly pokes fun at the character's self-confess chauvinism and almost breaks the fourth wall a few times. Some good twists on the werewolf genre and a rather bittersweet, IMHO, ending. Nicely leaves open some plot holes to fill in during future books with regards to Dresden's parents and his past/events that led to his unique circumstances within the magical community.