The Girl in the Spider's Web - David Lagercrantz

It took me forever and a half to trudge through listening to this book. The narrator remains the same as the previous three of the original series in audiobook format, however, the quality of writing does not. One can attribute that to the fact that no two authors have the same style, no matter how much the second may try to imitate the first. Actually, maybe the problem was that Lagercrantz tried too hard to emulate Larsson's style and the result was a seemingly amateur attempt at trying to cram in the entire cast of (surviving) characters from the series into one vaguely comprehensible storyline.


A lot of plotlines seem to be recycled: Millennium magazine is endangered (again); Blomkvist is disillusioned with journalism (again); Lisbeth's family is evil - well, her only known and surviving family member anyway - and out to get her (again); and so on.


One of the most irksome bits was a tiny detail, which was the same investigation squad getting lumped back together to investigate the situation that arises in this book, and it includes the heavily prejudiced cop who apparently suffered no consequences after the previous story. In fact, seems like no one learned anything after the last book.


A lot of tiny threads forcefully woven back in together to make a lumpy quilt of a story. And, perhaps this only happened towards the end of the book or I just only noticed it by that point, a lot of the action is told in flashback form, with a third party telling the story or the action being retold with added insight, minus the actual insight. Nothing seems to happen in the moment, there is no... excitement. A lot telling, no showing.


Meh. I can't even write out proper thoughts about this story, it is just so mish-mash blah.