Macbeth - William Shakespeare

So I borrowed this from the library purely because James Marsters face was on the cover. Let me tell you, it was a nice way to spend 2+ hours listening to Shakespeare: chilling in my cozy chair, cup of tea in hand, cat in lap, and a full screen view of James Marsters brooding face in half-light. Yes... <3


Infatuation aside, what really sold me on this version was not just the quality of voice acting, but the sound effects were fantastic. If you closed your eyes (you would miss James Marsters face), it was like you were in the front row of the theater itself. Amazing.


Not going into detail about the story of Macbeth because everyone with a Western education should have studied at least part of it at sometime in their life. And heck, it's been around like 500 years, I'm pretty sure you can google a decent summary from someone who's read it in that time if you were especially curious. :P