To the Far Blue Mountains - Louis L'Amour

Picks up where the previous book left off. Still can't fault L'Amour's writing style, always putting his characters in dangerous situations and coming up with creative endings, it's really no wonder that so many of his books were turned into movies. The problem, however, is that the narrator is so BORING. I thought the first one was okay, but this time around I was literally falling asleep during some parts, because whilst the characters are having battles and life-or-death situations, the narrator's voice doesn't inflect at all, just stays soft and smooth. Nice, but where's the emotion? How can I believe "he shouted, angrily" when you use the same tone of voice one inquires the time with?


+1 for the female characters not being shrinking violets, but that's not really an archetype that fits into the pioneer story model to begin with.


Time skip was strange, but then I realized that it ties into the other books in the series and expands on the family's descendants roughly in order it looks like so worth paying attention to - if you can stay awake.