The Light Fantastic  - Terry Pratchett

I had considered switching to audiobooks for the rest of the Discworld series for the sake of convenience (also, I really need to finish stitching that quilt I've been working on) but this book convinced me that would not be a good idea. There are just far too many jokes and puns that would not be as understandable hearing it as it is to see the difference, relying on the wonderful, varied, and confusing vocabulary of the English language as it does. My fave thing.


I'm annoyed that my Kindle fritzed and the new updated system is so weird; somehow it has lost my digital copy of the book from the library and I subsequently lost the bookmarks and notes I had made too. Quite annoying. Whatever.


I found this book a little hard to follow with the quick changes, maybe because I was so distracted by life and other books so I didn't read it as quickly, but the jumps from one point to another in the story are kind of also one of the most amusing things that happen. Also, I had to mark this one for "survival" because Rincewind is truly amazing at not dying - truly an inspiration.


Twoflower matured, a tiny bit, the Luggage is still my favorite character, the rock trolls were great, weather and virgin sacrifices! Star people! The magical university is somehow more interesting than I thought if only for the absolutely vicious hierarchy, like Hogwarts fanfiction taken to 11. Cohen the Barbarian! The baby galaxies (universes?) are just too adorable. <3