The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson

For anyone who doesn't know what this book is about, well, it's a Swedish thriller type of book which is different from regular American novels of the same genre. Read with caution. I would list all the possible trigger events but there are seriously too many. For perspective, the original title translated into English would be "Men Who Hate Women."


Alternatively, as alluded to in the novel, it could be seen as the darker future take of Pippi Longstocking set in the modern era if Pippi grew up in an abusive home and gained some mad hacker skillz with a violent, vindictive vigilante streak against male criminals.


That all being said it was a nice listen, although the narrator's voice for Erika was... eh... his inflection made her sound whinier and less intelligent than she actually is, which is unfortunate given how strong the character is written. Mikael, of course, is the designated Author Avatar, but you can't even hate him for how many women he gets to sleep with because he is genuinely a respectful guy when it comes to dealing with them on a personal level. I suspect it was another trait from the author himself given how severely the misogyny prevalent in Swedish culture is slammed via the personal thoughts and descriptions of various characters, primarily Mikael and Lisbeth.


Those pesky, lengthy descriptions go much more smoothly when narrated in a British accent, so that was nice. The last (and first) time I read this was in 2010, so the information seemed more contemporary back then; now I chuckle a bit at what is considered the latest technology by Lisbeth Salander. Ah, Lisbeth, if you only knew how far we've come in half a decade...


Another thing I like about the Millennium trilogy in general is how tightly written the stories are. There were threads about the two main characters that carried through the three novels, but it would have built up nicely as a long series, I expect overall it would have been like a haphazard detective/adventure series in the vein of Agatha Christie or Donna Leon, but with protagonists not in law enforcement. I'm not well read enough in the detective genre to think of a better comparison. Shame Larsson died. I'm mighty curious about the new (ghost) writer though.


Compare with the Swedish movie trilogy featuring Noomi Rapace and the English adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo featuring Rooney Mara.