Modern Romance - Aziz Ansari, Eric Klinenberg

Firstly, I'm irked that I couldn't do the half star on the Amazon rating. Humph. So I just bumped it up to 4 stars for Amazon's sake. I like this book, but not THAT much.


To be sure though, great book. Very well organized; actually, as well or better laid out (in terms of exploring and explaining ideas) than many academic texts I've read. I'm almost sad that it doesn't end with Ansari bragging about getting his Masters or PhD with this book. There was a serious amount of research going on and I'm sure some of it will resurface in the future as a citation for another person's paper someday.


I was surprised - although not sure why, I have seen his comedy special one time before - by the amount of swearing littered throughout the text. Not overly so, mind, but it is an interesting contrast to the otherwise formal structure of the book. And I suppose a trigger warning - he is very candid about certain aspects of his personal life, such as his amusing ulterior motives for food (funny) and an account of his personally testing a Japanese sex toys. (Squick!)


The only reason I didn't feel like 4 stars on Booklikes was because I have a feeling that this book would be significantly better in audio format. Having heard Aziz Ansari perform his comedy routine, I could perfectly hear his voice narrating this book as I read it, and it's part of the reason I'm not bothered by the tangents into fictional situations so loaded with hyperbole it's ridiculous; because as part of his manner of speaking in his performance, it would be freaking hilarious. This whole book reads like it would be worth paying to sit in a live audience and listen to him give it as a lecture. Preferably with the graphs, text message screens, and funny pics included somehow.


There are too many funny bits that I enjoyed in this book, by which I mean, they were so blunt and truthful that it hurt and, fortunately, he made it funny, so it was a funny "ha ha ow" cry feeling. Best kind.


Also, I want to find the Jurassic Park themed love hotel someday.


Note to self- buy this, preferably in audio format?