The Gilded Hour - Sara Donati

-- "She wanted to sleep in order to put Mrs. Stone's testimony out of her head, and at the same time she wanted to bind all those words together into a club and hit every man in the room over the head with it. Because they hadn't really understood the story behind the story, and what Mrs. Stone was trying to tell them about Janine Campbell's life. Mrs. Stone had called herself plain-speaking and blunt, but she had wrapped every observation in the language of well-brought-up women, with the result that none of the men had any real sense of the anger and frustration that drove Janine Campbell." This. The differences in language and communication, euphemisms, etc., between the sexes practically result in separate dialects for men and women. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.


-- "Men lied to women all the time, and called it protection or concern for their sensibilities when really what they wanted was an end to the questioning."


-- "She took her seat across from the jury of men who were, supposedly, her peers." A good summary and commentary on the jury system of the past.


-- "He was still assuming the guilty party was a man, which was likely, after all. Women killed with poison; men made a science of inflicting pain." False assumption. See: Deadly Women TV series.


-- "She counted thirty ads of the same type, and estimated twice as many for pills and teas guaranteed to restore a lady's health and circulation, a euphemism that always set Anna's teeth on edge. As if a woman's menstrual cycle were an ailment that required a male's better understanding to bring under control." Malcolm Gladwelll's brief history on the man who created birth control pills and his reasoning for doing so. The standout bit in my memory was the 28 day cycle being an arbitrary decision because that's what the guy thought would be best for a good Catholic woman.


-- "She said, "Really you want to know if women are mentally destined to become mothers. I think the answer is no. It's primarily a matter of what a girl is raised to believe is right and normal. I'm sure there are many women who would prefer not to have children, but few of them are honest with themselves about that. They know of two ways to be female: to marry and raise families, or to never marry and forgo children... In the end few people are strong enough to reject what society expects of them." Don't agree 100% but do agree that it's a matter of what you (male/female) are raised to believe is right or normal.


-- "Bambina is difficult and demanding because she's unhappy, and she's young and selfish enough to demand that her sister keep her company in her misery."


-- "I heard his voice before I saw him and I thought, Oh, there's a priest come to help. And then a little later, when I did look at him and saw him smiling at me I thought: He's a priest. How sad." Bwahahah~ Love it! <3


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