Alice - Christina Henry

Preliminary note: this book has an Alice with blonde hair and a romantic relationship with the in-book universe's version of the Mad Hatter.


Kudos for this Alice experiencing rape, what is hinted to be amnesia of her past due to a combination of the trauma and the medicine she is forced to take daily, and forced confinement in a mental institution, and not just ignoring it all after her escape and subsequent journey through the Old City, which is exactly as bad as it sounds to genre savvy readers. Her recovery is understandably slow at first, but truly one of the highlights of the story IMHO.


"She didn't want to be grateful, Alice knew. She'd wanted to take her own fate in her own hands, not be rescued by someone else."


Most annoying part: there is a heck of a lot "Oh yeah, I remember that." / "You do?" / "Oh yeah, just now when you said that. I remember that now." Which gets on the nerves very quickly, even if it does make sense in context. And yeah, pretty much every single thing that happens in lampshaded in this manner or by Alice herself. It completely works in the story, it just annoys me after it happens more than a couple times.


Fave lines:


-- "If you go chasing your freedom, your fate will only follow you there, and force you back."


-- "The two of you... [f]alling all over the place, both of you. I don't know how you'll get by If you're fainting all the time."


-- "In the Old City there were very few ways for women to stay alive, and all of them involved a man."


-- "It made Alice realize how much of life was full of empty stuff, objects longed for because the hope of them made your small life seem bigger, better, brighter."