Redemption - Scott Wallens Betrayal - Scott Wallens Torn - Scott Wallens Meltdown - Scott Wallens Pushed - Scott Wallens

Okay, so I might not be donating these books after all. Darn it. While I still think it would've been an awesome teen soap opera on the WB (is that still a channel?), I have to admit that there is some redeeming value in the characters' story arcs and how they handle difficult situations that are, well, at least that part's realistic!


Also, they stack up nicely on my shelf between two other vertical stacks of books with literally 1 mm space gap between them. It's a perfect fit. I can't disturb the aesthetic quality of my bookshelves by donating them now!


Next time I reread: list every. single. Noughties. reference.


(I had to look up what the 2000s decade was called on Google. Apparently it is the nameless decade and we can't fully embrace either the Aughts or the Noughties. Shame.)