Ebola K: A Terrorism Thriller - Bobby Adair

I knew this was the first book in a trilogy but I was still surprised/annoyed at where it ended. Really? REALLY??!


(The first book in a trilogy trend really annoys me. What happened to the good old days of just one freaking long book? *nostalgic sigh*)


Anyway, going to have to keep any eye for the sequels if I can snatch them for free or at a cheap enough price. Will be checking out Amazon in the near future, more than likely. Don't let my bemoaning of e-publishing trends fool you.


 One of those apocalypse caused by disease stories, in this case, obviously, a strain of Ebola. It had a bit of a campy movie vibe, kind of like Oubreak (1995) - Dustin Hoffman totally carries that movie - but you just get sucked into the story anyway. Definitely good for the first time apocalypse story reader, everything was laid out and explained clearly. You don't have to stretch any brain muscles trying to connect vague details between different characters' POVs, so that can be nice but YMMV. Kudos for refreshing the cliché of guy runs into his (best) friend in the middle of nowhere and they turn out to be on opposite sides of the moral divide but one guy is still going to save the other from a life threatening situation but hey, no foe-yay, bro.